I hear you
  • اسم المؤلف Eastwood Atwater
  • الناشر Walker & Company
  • التصنيف Counseling, Psychology & Psychiatry
  • كود الاستعارة 17/ 1
طلب الكتاب

Foreword vii
Preface ix
1 . Whatever Happened to Listening ? 1
How Well Do You Listen ?
Faulty Listening Habits
The Hazards of Not Listening

2 . How You Became the Listener You Are 11
The Formative Years
The Resistance to Listening
Listening Through Emotional Filters
Filters in the Workplace

3 . Learning to Listen 19
Hearing and Listening
Pay Attention to the Speaker's Message
Share Responsibility for the Communication
Use Total Body Listening
Listen Appropriately

4 . Conversational Listening 31
Private Versus Public Listening
Listening to Create Rapport
Overlap or Interruption ?
The Use of Questions

5 . `` Active `` Listening Skills 43

6 . Empathic Listening 53
Show Your Desire to Understand
Reflect the Person's Feelings
Pace the Person's Sensory and Nonverbal Behavior

7 . Nonverbal Communication 65
Reading Body Language
Facial Expressions
Gazing and Eye Contact
Vocal Expressions
Posture and Gestures
Personal Space
Responding to Nonverbal Communication

8 . Attitude Is All-Important 79
Judging the Speaker Prematurely

9 . The Risks and Rewards of Listening 89
The Risks of Listening
Listening to Criticism
The Rewards of Listening

10 . You Can Become an Effective Listener 99
The Good Listener
Changing Your Listening Style
Some Dos and Don'ts of Listening

Notes 111
Index 117